COVID-19 Update

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Latest Update (5/17/20) 11:04am
Workers in the cannabis industry have been deemed "essential workers" under California's Essential & Critical Infrastructure Workers order. We continue to operate as usual, with added precautions to ensure everyone's safety. Although the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in our area continues to rise daily, many businesses and organizations have started to reopen. We will continue to follow guidelines from local jurisdiction as to how to proceed.Β 

Update (3/16/20) 8:32am
It is very likely a temporary shut down will be necessary in the coming days. Schools and other organizations across the country have closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease. WHO and the CDC have recommended gatherings of 50 or more be postponed until further notice. This will likely result in the temporary closure of businesses across the country. 😲🀷  This post will be updated accordingly.


Original Article (3/14/20) 12:01pm
Novah Garden is committed to providing quality products and service.

Amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) outbreak, we have been closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Product in inventory is stored away in an isolated and well-ventilated area, minimizing the risk of any possible airborne infection.

Please be assured all product you receive in the following weeks has been packaged cautiously with the use of sterile nitrile gloves to avoid contact with any surfaces of your product.

Furthermore, isopropyl disinfectant wipes will be included with every cartridge order for your safety and convenience.

While currently unaffected, Novah Garden will continue to operate as usual, with longer than normal wait times. This is due to the extra steps being taken to ensure proper sanitation and product cleanliness between deliveries, as well as increased traffic through out the city.

Unfortunately, it may be necessary to temporarily shut down completely.

Remember the basics. Wash your hands often, and avoid contact with your face!

We will continue to monitor trusted news sources for more information.

We appreciate your trust and loyalty. πŸ™